Frozen on Broadway

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The hit Disney movie, Frozen, is now a Broadway musical playing at the St. James Theatre.


The musical stars Caissie Levy and Patti Murin as Elsa and Anna respectively. Levy and Murin brought a lot of the original behaviors that their characters had in the film, while still bringing a bit of their own selves to these characters. The role of Olaf is portrayed by Greg Hildreth. Hildreth has a puppet which is in his control whole show. The puppet talks and moves, while he stands behind in wearing all white to get the audience to focus on the puppet. This directorial choice was very captivating from an audience perspective. Seeing the other actors interact with the puppet was fascinating at how realistic they made it seem.


While the performers were all exceptional, the real star of the show was the lighting design and special effects. Natasha Katz, the lighting designer, made the audience feel as if we were in Arendelle in the middle of a blizzard. Elsa’s special powers were all done by special lighting effects that would take place all over the stage and the set. Younger kids’ gasps’ filled the audience whenever Levy would make a gesture that would result in an effect on the stage.


The beautiful Rob Ashford choreography is used to tell the story as well. The ensemble is always dancing through the music and lyrics of the show, acting as not only citizens of Arendelle, but also the snow, hunters, “hidden folk”, and many other roles.


This extravagant production has plans of a National Tour in the fall of 2019 and is still running on Broadway.

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