Five Underrated Youtube Channels That Are Awesome!

YouTube’s Emma Chamberlain’s home YouTube page

Swarna Gowtham

YouTube’s Emma Chamberlain’s home YouTube page

Swarna Gowtham, Writer

When we want to unwind and relax we all know where to turn to: youtube. But like small businesses need some love to thrive, some of these small and widely unknown youtubers need some love as well. Blogging and making content for the world to see can be daunting, but these brave vloggers have taken the challenge anyway and it’s time to give them some credit for their efforts.


  1. Emma Chamberlain – @emmachamberlain

First on the list is Emma Chamberlain but her fans like to call themselves Chambies, granted she has a decent following of 614,000 but when checking with my friends to see if they know of her channel, they didn’t. Her best kind of videos is her car vlogs where you get an up close look on how she spends her days. Another type of videos she shines in is her satirical content. Check out Emma Chamberlain you guys.


  1. Danielle Carolan- @DanielleMarieCarolan

This girl is a lifestyle queen, from juggling college at The University of Georgia to being a hip-hop dancer at a local dance studio in Athens Georgia, Carolan still finds time to produce and post content at least 3 times a week.


  1. Lily C- @LilyCReads

For book lovers ( and non book lovers for that matter), Lily is, in my opinion, a booktubing legend. She may have a small following but her robust and downright honest reviews for books is absolutely hilarious and witty. She is not afraid to express her opinions and is ruthless in giving her honest opinion on books.


  1. Refinery29- @refinery29  

You may know of their online magazine or have seen them pop up to give reviews for films or books. Their lifestyle videos that are done with their own employee Lucy Fink are really eye opening and they give a new perspective on life. Their youtube channel is something everyone should definitely visit.


  1. Kalyn Nicholson- @Kalyn Nicholson

Another lifestyle blogger who has a lot of wisdom and love to share when things get tough. Although the nature of her videos do mostly appeal to girls, she gives a fresh outlook on how one can live a simple and mentally healthy life.