Glyphs Halloween Coffeehouse 2017

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Peri Munter

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Natalie Azzolini

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A scary skeleton sat on stage on that dark night.

Peri Munter

A scary skeleton sat on stage on that dark night.

Friday, November 3rd, may have been the first coffeehouse of the year, but it was Glyphs’ first ever themed coffeehouse. The Halloween theme brought many costumed guests to the latest and thus far most successful venue- the Madison Community House.

Over fifty students attended, many dressed as characters from pop culture or in self-designed costumes, and more a fifth of attendees entered their costume into the highly anticipated contest. However, out of all the competitors, Zula Oliveira took home the prize for first place, with her Dionne Clueless ensemble. Other notable costumes include Grace Hughes as Bellatrix Lestrange from the acclaimed Harry Potter series, Loryn Camp as every teenager’s worst fear- The Future- and Evan Sievers as King Krule.

Performances, food, and the distinctive humor of MC Billy Hughes all contributed to an exceptional coffeehouse, but it was particularly special to the Glyphs advisor Ms. Bergen for another reason: “Personally… this is my second to last coffeehouse, and I just understood how  valuable these coffeehouses are.”  She shared more of her thoughts, continuing that “Glyphs has been a part of my life for many years and I will miss it.” If the turnout on Friday night was any indication, Glyphs will miss Ms. Bergen as well.

MDO: What made this coffee house special?

KB:  This was the first time we had the coffeehouse at the Madison Community House and the venue was an excellent choice in terms of size, layout.  We had a theme, a Halloween theme.  The editors decorated the room, and that made it a lot of fun.  We had a great turnout; lots of students came in costume, and we had a costume contest and everyone was enthusiastic about it.  There were a lot of great performances and the audience is always very wonderful and respectful to the performers

MDO: What did you enjoy most About it?

KB: I think i might have enjoyed Billy’s unique style of hosting. It’s funny.

MDO: How long have you been a part of Glyphs?

KB: Since 2008  and at that time there was only one coffeehouse a year, and fewer people attended it.  Not that many people attended.  We started doing more of them in 2010 or 2011.


The next Glyphs Coffeehouse will be held at 7:00 pm on Friday, December 15th in the Chase Room at Madison Public Library.