Board of Education Candidate Profile: Dr. Stephen Tindall


Dr. Stephen Tindall: 

Stephen Tindall’s main focus coming into the election is fiscal responsibility. Stephen Tindall is well versed in the fields of science, boasting a PhD in Biochemistry as well as his own business “ElRepo” which he shares with 4 other men. ElRepo focuses on hardware improvements for Linux based systems, clearly demonstrating his personal proficiency with technology. Beyond this, Tindall enjoys sailing in his free time.

Tindall is an adamant advocate for financial responsibility within the district. He has claimed that the district is headed for a “fiscal crisis” and believes that employee benefits are rising at an alarmingly fast rate, 2% faster than the property tax cap placed on revenue for public schools. He has outlined plans to increase revenue using grants and encouraging more students to pay tuition. He has also brought forward the idea of implementing solar panels in the school district.