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Kameron Lloyd, Junior, Noah Culin, Junior, Emma Andersson, Senior.

Kameron Lloyd, Junior, Noah Culin, Junior, Emma Andersson, Senior.

It’s 7 AM. The phone alarm is blaring and the thought of leaving the comfort of your warm bed makes you want to crawl into a hole for the rest of the day. But, alas, you climb out of bed, stretch your legs, and pick up your phone. Notifications illuminate the screen and fill you with a sort of quiet pleasure. Maybe the picture you recently posted on Instagram had just surpassed 400 likes, overnight. After viewing this triumph, you are now content and ready to take on the day.


One could say the joy that overcomes teenagers from gaining followers or likes from people we barely know is almost unnatural. Why do we care if our camp counselor from 4th grade blocked us? Or, if all of the girls you went to elementary school liked your selfie, except one? The care we take in maintaining our social media presence is called Instagram Culture. This “culture” is the constant time and thought spent filtering, captioning and commenting on Instagram in order to appear trendy or appealing to those who may not know the real you.


A current Instagram trend is making your profile seem carefree and interesting without putting too much effort into the posts. Famous social media profiles such as Emma Chamberlain, have created an entire brand surrounding an atypical appearance on Instagram, which is now, typical. Only a couple years ago, famous Instagrammers only posted in pictures in full faces of makeup, edited and filtered to the max. But, someone like Emma Chamberlain, however, would put her followers in complete shock by posting a picture like that. These types of Instagrammers consider themselves “quirky” and “carefree”. How carefree can these people actually be if they get paid to post pictures on social media that will guarantee thousands and millions of likes?


As famous Instagrammers began to take over the world, the teenage generation has started to follow in their footsteps. Teenagers (even if they deny it) are obsessed with their social media presence. Apps such as FaceTune and VSCO enable teenagers to obsess over social media even more by ensuring that the lighting in their picture is perfect, their skin is unusually clear and their teeth are whiter than the average human. Although most people feel a bit of guilt and shame about using these apps, teens will stop at nothing to achieve the perfect Instagram profile. There is a certain sense of fulfillment and accomplishment in obtaining the “carefree and quirky”, brand that is so sought after by this generation. 

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