Top 4 Places to Travel

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Gabriel Peralta

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April 23, 2019
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There are many places to visit in this world. But, Italy, Mexico, England, and the Netherlands are all very interesting places, with many different and fun activities to do.


Rome, Italy:

There are many things to do in Rome. For example, one can visit the Colosseum, which is an iconic ancient Roman gladiatorial arena. Also, one can see St. Peter’s Basilica, which is very interesting since it is the world’s largest basilica of Christianity. Finally one can see the iconic eighteenth-century sculpted fountain called the Trevi Fountain.


Cancun, Mexico:

First of all, Cancun is known for their beautiful beaches, with crystal clear water. Also, in Cancun, one can visit the Chichen Itza, which is a site that “contains pyramids, temples, and other structures made by the Mayans. The most famous structure is the Temple of Kukulkan or El Castillo which boasts 365 steps.”


London, England:

In England, one can see the Big Ben, which is a tower clock most known for its precise time. Also, one can visit the Buckingham Palace, which is the home of Queen Elizabeth II. Another famous sightseeing is the Tower of London, “which actually comprises multiple towers, twelve of which can be explored by the public.” Finally, in front of the Tower of London, there is the amazing Tower Bridge, which “crosses the River Thames… and has become an iconic symbol of London.”  


Amsterdam, Netherlands:

Amsterdam is a city with a lot of attractions for tourists. Interesting enough, most people get around the city by either riding bicycles or riding scooters. Also, one can visit the amazing Van Gogh museum, which has nearly all of the famous paintings created by Van Gogh himself. Furthermore, one can travel around the city, and appreciate the view by taking the Canal Tour, which one can explore the different canals on a pedal boat.




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