The Impact of Music at MHS

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Gabriel Peralta

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Odell Beckham Trade
April 23, 2019
Music and all of its colors -- Google Common Licence

Music and all of its colors -- Google Common Licence

It is that time of the year again, and the Madison High School’s winter concert are near. Many people pumped to perform soon, as music has had a major impact in their lives.

Miles Bird, a senior at MHS, writer for MDO, and the bass player for both the orchestra and the jazz band, explains how music is a very important part of his life. Bird mentions how music has opened up so many opportunities for him, and that it has sparked so many friendships. Bird states, “[music] is so mystical and personal at the same time… that’s why some of my favorite things are musical analysis and jazz improvisation.” With the holiday concert coming up, Bird will be extremely busy as he is a part of many ensembles. However, he mentions that the concerts are usually laid back and that there is palpable emotion and spirit. Bird also mentions how excited he is for jazz band this year and looks forward to the challenging, yet fun environment. Miles continues by stating, “some people are backing away from the challenge but personally, I’m embracing it. I think it’s the challenge that makes the best of us, especially in the jazz environment.” Bird cannot wait to see where the band will head this upcoming year, and that he has big plans to put as much work as it takes to take pride in his performance.

Gabriel Peralta, a senior at MHS and trumpet player for both the wind ensemble and jazz band, mentions how artistic music is and his experiences with it. Peralta begins by saying that this year, he decided to join chorus and work on his public speaking skills. Not only that, but he also decided to audition for a chorus solo (which he got) and sign up for a poetry contest. Peralta states, “it’s been a weird year; I’ve always been a math person. However, this year, I’ve really been into performing arts and being on stage.” Peralta continues by saying that even though he’s trying new things this year, he’s very excited, and cannot wait for the rest of the year. Peralta states, “sometimes, people have to go out of their comfort zone and try something new. I did that this year, and I don’t regret it one single bit.” Peralta concludes by mentioning that music is really important to him, as he is able to express himself and his feelings. By playing the guitar at home, Peralta is able to stay calm and distance himself from distractions.

As seen with these two students, music is not only able to impact their lives, but also to impact others. As the holiday concert gets closer and closer, the energy of music and performing is back at MHS.

If you would like to watch the orchestra and the chorus perform, come to the high school December 13th at 7:30PM.

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