Student Spotlight: Talent Show Winner 2017

James Ottomanelli performs stand up comedy at the Talent Show

Nick Kitsopoulos

James Ottomanelli performs stand up comedy at the Talent Show

Last Thursday the high school held the annual talent show. Every year kids enter to show off special skills and talents to an audience of fellow peers, faculty, and parents. This year the winner was Sophomore James Ottomanelli (JO), with his hilarious stand-up comedy.


Madison Dodger Online had the opportunity to speak with James about his entertaining performance.


MDO: When did you decide to enter the talent show? What motivated you?


(JO): I didn’t even know there was a talent show happening. Mr. Coviello talked to Lynott and then Lynott pulled me into his office one day. I thought that I was in trouble and was pretty scared. Lynott heard about my comedic talent and asked me to join the talent show and that’s how I ended up entering.


MDO: Was any of your comedy improvisation or was it all pre-planned?


(JO): I took a few jokes from previous routines, some of it I came up the day of the talent a few hours before and there were some jokes I used improv for. But most of my comedy was pre-planned.


MDO: Why did you decide to joke about Coach Lynott and Kubik?


(JO): Definitely because there was a lot of the Juniors and Seniors at the show and they would have liked it. Also, because it was the two of the most hot-headed teachers in the school. Lynott actually pushed me to make fun of him.


MDO: What was your reaction to winning the contest?


(JO): I was nervous leading up to the announcement, because I thought Sean, Michael and Max were going to win. But when they were announced as runners up, I figured that I was going to win. I was still in shock when they called my name and I couldn’t really believe it.


MDO: Do you plan to enter the talent show next year?


(JO): I definitely plan to do it next year. I might mix my act up, but I will definitely do it next year.


The talents of James and others made this years show so fun and memorable. James has already decided on his return for next year and can hopefully satisfy the crowd next year as well as he did this year.