Student Spotlight: Anna McCarthy

Dance number

Courtesy of Anna McCarthy

Dance number

MHS Freshman Anna McCarthy was born for the stage. Starting from age 8, she followed her older sister and role model Molly McCarthy into the musical theater world. Her weeks filled up with voice lessons and dance classes as those around her realized her gifts and encouraged her to pursue this passion. As of now, Anna has auditioned for and gotten the chance to perform in three professional stage shows with Paper Mill Playhouse- a prestigious theater company that has received the 2016 Tony Award for Regional Theatre.

MDO sat down with McCarthy (AC) to talk about her theatrical career.


MDO: How did you start performing professionally?


AM: My work with my first professional company, The Paper Mill Playhouse, began with auditioning for their summer program when I was ten. They have an amazing program for kids age 10-18. I’ve done it every summer since except one. After that I began auditioning for their main stage shows and was lucky enough to be in three of them!


MDO: What was your favorite musical that you’ve performed?


AM: It’s really hard to pick a favorite, they were all very different experiences, but all incredibly positive. The Sound of Music was my first ever professional show, so it was amazing, but as a swing I never went on stage so Elf ended up being my first professional performance on stage there which made it amazing in a different way! Then in A Christmas Story the kids had so much to do and we got to do a big tap number which was super fun.


MDO: Do you plan on pursuing acting in the future?


AM: In a perfect world I would love to continue in live musical theater in the Broadway direction. That’s the dream. I would like to go to college for Musical theater. I would also be very interested in teaching theater and/or music due to the inspiration of so many wonderful teachers and mentors in my life.


MDO: Do you have any advice for others on pursuing their passions?


AM: My advice would be to find what you love and do it. Life is so short, you should spend as much time as possible doing something you love. If you love what you’re doing and it shows, and others will love it too!


Anna’s career is only just beginning. She hopes to go to college for musical theater and continue towards Broadway. Due to the inspiration of her wonderful teachers and mentors, she also aspires to perhaps teach musical theater or music in the future.

We wish the best of luck to you, Anna. Broadway won’t know what hit it!