Lockdown at Ohio State

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Julia Prout

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Tweet sent out for students protection.


Tweet sent out for students protection.

The Ohio State University was placed into shelter-in-place this morning, November 28th, at 9:56 am due to what was first called “an active shooter on campus”. Upon further investigation, it was discovered that the attack wasn’t at the hands of an active shooter. According to CNN an unknown suspect drove a car into a group of students on a street corner, then proceeded to exit his vehicle and cut several people with a butcher knife. Ten people are hospitalized, not including the suspect that was shot and killed by police.

This attack happened on 19th Avenue and College Road, located near Watts Hall. Watts Hall is a material science and engineering building on campus. It is unknown whether the attacker was a student on campus or not. It is also uncertain if this was a targeted attack towards an individual, though according to students that were able to see somewhat what was happening claimed that it didn’t look like it was targeted toward one student or even a specific group. For more on this story click the link below.

Updates for Ohio State:


FBI Investigation on campus attacks:


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