Fairy Tale Courtroom: A Show Guilty of a Hilarious Good Time

Maggie Salko as Red Riding Hood practicing a scene with the Big Bad Wolf, played by fellow junior Jack Davidson.

Rachael Cenicola

Maggie Salko as Red Riding Hood practicing a scene with the Big Bad Wolf, played by fellow junior Jack Davidson.

Matt DeLara, Guest Writer

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It’s that time of the year again! The lights are bright, the stage is set, the Fall Drama is underway. From Thursday November 18th to Saturday November 20th, the Madison High School will be presenting their comedy, Fairy Tale Courtroom, written by Dana Proulx. The story is about the exciting trials of the Big Bad Wolf and the Wicked Witch of the West, as the District Attorney tries to convince the audience, or the jury, that they are guilty.

The witnesses are a colorful cast of fantasy characters, either from classic fairy tales or the Wizard of Oz. Junior Maggie Salko, who plays Little Red Riding Hood in the play, helped me understand what it is like to be one of these characters. “It pretty fun, but exhausting, but it’s nice to do a character I’ve never done before. I normally do guy characters or more realistic, level-headed characters. It’s nice to act like someone who is the complete opposite of me, even with how many interpretations there are of her”.

The witnesses aren’t the only stand-out characters in this play. Max Vigotov, a senior, plays the role of the strict District Attorney, and does a tremendous job playing the straight man to all of the insane antics that happen in this courtroom. When asked how he is able to keep a straight face through all this pandemonium, he responded with “Not breaking is really hard for me, so I create a very serious ambience in my head to help out. I also pretend I’m in Law and Order to help with becoming my character”.

While both Max and Maggie do a fantastic job being their character, the entire cast as a whole brings the entire show together, thanks to the directing of Mrs. Holzer and Mr. Oswin. I got to sit down and talk with Mr. Oswin about the show, and I asked him why he decided to do this show. Mr. Oswin answered with “I picked this show because I knew it would appeal to families and young people, and it was my goal to find a show that was entertaining, but also gets people’s imagination going. I wanted something accessible, exciting, and funny”.

When asked how this show would stack up to other fall dramas, Mr. Oswin believed that this show would be the best drama yet. “Every year our show is different and I think that this year is the best that I’ve ever directed” he responded. “I think the cast really brings the show together. They bring a fantastic energy that inspires Mrs. Holzer and myself, and they have a lot of fun with their roles, which shows in their performances”.

Both Max and Maggie agreed with Mr. Oswin that this would be an excellent show. “I think it’s very light-hearted, good for families, and people will enjoy it more than they expect it” Max replied.

Max Vigotov as the District Attorney

Rachael Cenicola)
Max Vigotov as the District Attorney

Overall Fairy Tale Courtroom is a wonderful show brought to its fullest by a great cast and great directors. If you are curious about the show in any way, ask Mr. Oswin or Mrs. Holzer, I’m sure they will be happy to discuss the play with you. The entire cast and crew hopes to see you on the jury come showtime!