Deliriously a Dodger


Max Vigotov

Senior girls representing dodger delirious


With every new year comes a collection of new spirit days and football game themes. One unusual theme that seems to have made a reappearance over the past few years is called “dodger delirious”. Dodger delirious entails wearing the loudest, brightest, most obnoxious, and weirdest clothing one owns.


As opposed to other popular themes like maroon and gold, USA, and class clash, dodger delirious doesn’t seem to have any true reasoning behind it. Maybe the reasoning behind doing dodger delirious is lack of reason- anything can be worn for a dodger delirious theme; there is no limit. One popular piece of clothing is a tutu in any color of the rainbow. When asked, a senior girl explained, “tutus are incredibly cute and dodger delirious is a great excuse to wear them!”. If one tried hard enough he/she could wear a tutu for every spirit day, but dodger delirious accepts tutus in any color, so it is not hard to find something to match.

These types of crazy spirit themes tend to only be used for the football games, whereas maroon and gold could be applied to every sports game. Regardless of whether the spirit day is black out or dodger delirious, the Madison High School student body will follow the theme, and visit the local Party City for supplies.


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