Summer Nail Trends

Beautiful Nails by Elyse


Beautiful Nails by Elyse

Well this is it. Summer is finally around the corner and with graduation in less than a month, I thought it would be appropriate to do a nail trend update with senior Elyse Harris.

Like I mentioned in my previous articles on nail trends, each season tends to have its own respective color pallet, which is largely influenced by the weather and also the popular color trends that year. Nails can be painted with an accent color to tie the outfit together, or a statement color which is focal point of an outfit. Recently, nail art has evolved from your classic flower to true, complex, works of art. However, the color in which the nail is painted always stays true to the respective season.

So, here is the final nail trend report with Elyse Harris!


MDO: What are your top 5 favorite nail colors for summer?

My top 5 favorite nail colors for summer are Essie’s ‘Viva Antigua,’ ‘Coconut Cove,’ ‘Loot the Booty,’ ‘Cute as a Button,’ and ‘Strut your Stuff’.

MDO: Are there any designs that you save specifically for summer?
Nail designs that I save specifically for summer are anything beach related since that’s where a lot of people spend their time in the hot months, and fruit designs because they’re really bright and fruit is always best in the summer!

MDO: Also, what’s one summer color that you recommend everyone try?

One summer color I recommend everyone try is ‘Viva Antigua’ by Essie. It’s a beautiful iridescent turquoise green with a shimmer that gives a nice finish- and reminds me of a mermaid!


Thank you so much Elyse for being so helpful and creative this year!!
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