Terror In Paris


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Armed guards in Paris


Paris was struck with senseless tragedy last Friday night, as the typically serene city was pierced with the sound of gunfire and explosives. Over the course of 30 minutes, a band of Muslim extremists attacked six popular locations around the area, and let loose with assault rifles and crude bombs. The first incident of the night occurred at 9:20 PM, when a suicide bomber detonated outside of a soccer match at Stade de France. Only one passerby was killed in this initial blast. Over the course of the next 20 minutes, two more explosions occurred outside of the stadium, the only victims being the bombers themselves. Amidst this madness, masked attackers armed with assault rifles fired into the windows of four separate restaurants, killing a total of 39, and injuring several more. The single most deadly attack took place at the Bataclan, a popular music venue, where an American rock band was performing. As fans were enjoying the music, three men stormed in and opened fire, killing many instantly. The survivors were taken hostage until 12:20 AM, when officers rushed the gruesome scene. Two of the assailants promptly detonated suicide vests, killing several of the remaining hostages. 89 people passed away as a result of this attack, putting the total death toll for the night at 129, with a multitude of additional injuries. The city is currently in a perilous state of emergency, with tight border control being enacted and frantic investigation being conducted to reveal the story behind the attacks.

Paris was not the only city to suffer on this tragic Friday the 13th, as attacks in Beirut and Baghdad claimed the lives of many. ISIS, an Islamic extremist organization that continues to brutally antagonize all in opposition of its views, has claimed responsibility for each strike. World leaders from all around the globe, including Barack Obama and The Pope, have gathered to express their detestation for the actions of those responsible.

MDO sends its deepest condolences to all those affected by this horrific onslaught against humanity, and its core values.