Powder Puff Comes to MHS


Libby Johnson

Powerder Puff t-shirts.

Libby Johnson, Writer

Powder Puff is a valued tradition at many high schools. For those who do not know, Powder Puff is an event where the upperclassmen girls face off in a flag football game while the boys cheer on the sideline. Like many valued traditions at other high schools, Madison High has not participated in Powder Puff…until now.

On Thursday, May 28th at 3pm, Madison High School will hold its first annual Powder Puff tournament at Ted Monica Stadium. The senior class will play the junior class in what everyone hopes to be an intense show down. Both classes receive some of the proceeds from the event: the juniors from the participant entries and the seniors from admissions.

Excitement is building as the event approaches. “I’m nervous because I’ve never played football before,” participant Quinn Hurley said. Many of the girls who are participating are in the same boat as Quinn; they are anxious to play well and win.