No Charge? Big Problem.

The Blaze

"Hands Up, Don't Shoot" became the slogan of many protests around the US, especially in Brown's hometown of Ferguson, MO.

Fiona Kean, Writer

On August 9th a police officer, Darren Wilson, while responding to a crime at a convenience store, confronted two suspects, Michael Brown and Dorian Johnson, a short distance away from the store. The exact details of what occurred at that time have yet to be proven but what transpired resulted in the shooting and death of Michael Brown by Officer Darren Wilson.

An alleged witness reported that Michael Brown had his hands raised indicating do not shoot. A video later surfaced of the witness and Michael Brown in the store that Michael Brown robed and in the video he physically pushed the store clerk to exit the store.

It is estimated that Michael Brown lay on the road for 4 hours before the arrival of an ambulance. The autopsy of Michael Brown was released and it said that Michael Brown suffered several shots leading to his death.

Officer Darren Wilson sustained facial injuries including bruising to the face during the altercation, during which  a couple of shots were fired inside the police vehicle. Michael Browns DNA was also found on Officer Wilson’s uniform.

Michael Brown was identified as a black 18-year old and the police officer was identified as a white male. The statement that Michael Brown had his hands up at the time of the shooting resulted in unrest, especially in the black community of Ferguson. These protests lasted for several days and had an element of violence resulting in many arrests.

The protesters demanded that Officer Wilson be charged with the crime and the lack of action by the authorities made the residents of Ferguson further question the handle of the situation. The governor of Missouri later issued a State of Emergency in Ferguson.

In a highly unusual manner, the state prosecutor presented all of the facts, both positive and negative, to a grand jury during an indictment trial of over 100 days. Not only were conflicting reports presented, but multiple charges were options on the table for the jury as opposed to a standard one. Legal authorities across the country question the legitimacy of these proceedings.

On November 24th the grand jury decided not to indict Officer Wilson. President Obama made comments after the releasing of the grand jury’s decision not to indict Officer Darren Wilson. Obama called for calm and peace in Ferguson and he stated “We need to accept this was a decision that was the grand jury’s to make.” Although President Obama called for peace, Ferguson became more tumultuous after the news was released. In response to national and international outcry as well as doubt in the legitimacy of the case, the Department of Justice is considering calling for a federal indictment of Officer Darren Wilson.

And in the midst of all this hustle, the Brown family asks that “we not just make noise” but that “we make a change.”