Just Foolin’ Around – Student Spotlight: Suzette Olesen


Nicole Olesen

Suzette Olesen plays Sophia in her debut performance at MHS in Fools.

Marie Piechnik, Guest Writer

The idea of portraying someone completely different than yourself in front of hundreds of people can be a daunting concept to some, but not to MHS junior Suzette Olesen. Her sophomore year, for the 2015 performance of Fools, she auditioned for her first show at the high school and landed the female lead, Sophia. She continued on to take part in The Little Mermaid, Fairy Tale Courtroom, and Oklahoma where she continued with her acting experiences.


MDO had the opportunity to sit down with Suzette to talk about her performances at MHS.


(MDO): When did you become interested in acting?

(SO): I really started to get interested in acting in 3rd grade when my mom signed me up for a playwrights theater camp with one of my friends. As I got older, my siblings and I began filming and writing our own movies at our lake house with our cousins every summer. My older brother would write them, my one cousin would film and edit it and the rest of us would be the stars.


(MDO): What made you decide to do the fall drama sophomore year?

(SO): It was my brothers last year doing it so I thought it would be fun if we could do something together. I never expected to get the female lead, Sophia, but I was thrilled when I did.


(MDO): Are you planning to continue acting throughout senior year and into college?

(SO): Definitely! I loved doing Fairy Tale Courtroom this year and I also did the musical, Oklahoma. I plan on doing the shows next year and if I am lucky enough I plan to do plays in college as an extracurricular activity.


(MDO): Had you done any previous acting before Fools?

(SO): In a playwrights camp I was the lead in one of our shows and in I had a part in many of the movies my siblings and I had made. However, Fools was the first show that a lot of people and people outside of family saw me perform in.


(MDO): What is your favorite part of acting?

(SO): I love being able to pretend I’m someone I’m not. Sometimes when life is getting you down it’s nice to be able to put that all away and be someone new just to forget about everything else for a while. A big part of it is all the people I get to work with. They’re all incredibly talented and, overall, wonderful. They make it so easy to slip into and out of a character’s’ personalities and are unbelievably supportive.


(MDO): What is different between acting in Fools compared to Fairy Tale Courtroom?

(SO): During Fools I was a lot more nervous about everything because it was my first show so I didn’t try to do much other than what the directors told me to do. However, during Fairy Tale Courtroom, I was a lot more confident and tried to experiment more on stage with my character.
Suzette’s, and every other performer’s, passion for the musicals and plays is one of the reasons the shows can be such a success. The Madison High School is lucky to have such young and talented actors and actresses in its midst.