Student Spotlight: Kyra Makowsky

Kyra Makowsky, founder of Creative Distractionz

Caroline Silen

Kyra Makowsky, founder of Creative Distractionz

Caroline Silen, Guest Writer

MHS junior, Kyra Makowsky, is the founder of Creative Distractionz, a charity which raises money to purchase craft kits for children in hospitals in order to keep them busy. For five years, Kyra has been working hand in hand with Morristown Medical Center and Overlook Medical Center in Summit to give child patients a distraction from the challenges they are facing.

When asked how she first came up with the idea, Kyra explained that she first thought of it when she was visiting her grandmother in the hospital. Kyra realized that there was not very much for her grandmother to do to pass the time. This led Kyra to wonder if children who are sick in the hospital also do not have different types of activities to keep themselves busy, especially since they often spend most of their time sitting in bed. Therefore, Kyra decided to take action and organized Creative Distractionz to make sure that while in staying the hospital, children will have activities to keep themselves busy.

About three times each year, Kyra and her mother sit outside local food stores and ask passing customers for donations. The proceeds are used to purchase various activities like art supplies, coloring books and different craft kits. When buying the craft kits, Kyra keeps in mind that the kids must be able to make the crafts while sitting in the hospital bed. She also tries to find activities that appeal to both boys and girls. Kyra also picks out craft kits depending on the time of year, so as the winter holidays approach, Kyra looks to purchase holiday themed craft kits for the children.

When Madison Dodger Online sat down with Kyra, she expressed how Creative Distractionz is a truly rewarding experience. When asked what is the most rewarding part of her charity, she explained that while sitting outside the supermarkets asking for donations, people would come up to the table and share their own personal stories and experiences while they were staying in the hospital as a kid and they expressed how what she is doing is truly helpful and a great way to give back. Being able to hear from others their own personal experiences and being told how what she is doing is truly helping others validated how important and how impactful her charity is.

In 2015, Kyra was awarded the Hesna Pfeiffer Award for Civic Engagement. This award is a great honor and is awarded to a young citizen who is actively involved in the community. Kyra expressed how honored and proud she was to have received this award.

However, this is only the beginning for Creative Distractions! Kyra hopes to expand her charity and get more people involved, for instance, she hopes to work with Kids Konnect, a new club this year at MHS, which is focused on helping kids suffering from various illnesses. Kyra plans to continue to try and give these kids distractions from the hardships and difficulties they face, and hopes to make their days brighter and put a smile on their faces.