Too Many Snow Days

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Isabella Pagano

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Lauren DiRienzo

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Although snow days like this are fun, we don’t want to lose our break!

Although snow days like this are fun, we don’t want to lose our break!

Last year Madison High School had to take away days from spring break because of the number of snow days the school used during the year. “Spring break” last year at Madison High School was only Monday and Tuesday off and half days on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Nobody was happy with the situation, and students either complained or didn’t come to school during the half days, but this was the only solution besides extending the school year. A sacrifice had to be made to make up the days.

Madison High School only had three planned snow days during the 2017-2018 school year, which is the usual amount of snow days that New Jersey schools prepare for during the snowy seasons. Under New Jersey law, schools are required to have a minimum of 180 school days a year, including half days and delayed openings. The administration had to take three days off spring break in order to meet this requirement since six days were used and only three days were planned for.

As of last week, the school has used up all of our snow days for the year. If more snow days are used, the Tuesday after Memorial Day weekend will be the first to be taken away, followed by spring break. It isn’t practical to add days to the end of the school year. After final exams, there would be no point to come into school, especially since both teachers and students have summer vacation plans at the end of the year. Taking away days during the year is much easier than adding days. A lot of important events are planned at the end of the year, like graduation and final exams, and it would be too much work to reschedule everything.

Taking days off of spring break rather than adding them to the end of the school year is what students want. MDO interviewed thirty MHS students and teachers, and twenty-eight of them said that they rather have days taken off of spring break than have days added to the end of the year. It’s not surprising that students and faculty want to finish the year as early as possible, the end of the year is very hot and seniors are ready to finish high school. In an ideal situation, the district wouldn’t have to use up all the snow days, or the administration could add more planned snow days to following year schedules. Considering that we’re in the Northeast, and we get a lot of snow, it doesn’t sound like a bad idea.

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