Is Premature Senioritis Real?

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Ellie Culin

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Senior Julia Sales flaunts her 0/4

Senior Julia Sales flaunts her 0/4

Everyone knows that senioritis typically sets in around the beginning of the second semester. Early Action and Early Decision notifications have been released for the most part, and most applications for Regular Decision have been submitted. These are the cues for seniors to throw up their hands and coast through the rest of senior year.


For the most part, senioritis is not a huge problem for seniors at Madison High School. Second-semester grades are not typically sent to colleges, so a slip in grades during the second semester isn’t the end of the world.


However, the same cannot be said for first semester grades.


To senior and junior readers, keep in mind that grades for the first semester of senior year will be sent to colleges. Seniors applying early action or early decision to schools will also have to report their first marking period grades. Thus, it is important to keep working (until January).


At Madison High School, there is a clear distinction between seniors who are still committed to their grades and seniors who seem to already be feeling the effects of senioritis. MDO spoke with seniors Erika Pederson, Kayla DeRosa, and Madison DePierro about how senioritis is affecting them so far.


Pederson laughed when asked about senioritis, saying “I had a quiz today in APUSH [AP US History] and I got a 50% and I was happy about it.” After laughing again, Pederson got serious and told MDO that, “to be honest, [she] still wants to get A’s but [she] feels like [she’s] less stressed out about it.”


DeRosa said that she felt like she’s “had senioritis for the last year. I’m sleeping more and doing homework less.”


DePierro notes that she is working less than she did junior year, but still “enough to do well.”


How to combat premature senioritis?


Realize that even though it’s senior year, colleges still are looking for those first semester grades. Colleges always have the option to rescind acceptances if they see a drastic drop in grades during senior year. Remember, senior year still makes up 1/4th of high school and can be the difference in an acceptance and a rejection from your dream school.


Just keep it together until January!

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