Time for Senioritis?


Natalie Azzolini

Senior Peri Munter discreetly uses Netflix during her period 1 journalism class.

With the coming of the end of the second marking period, will senioritis officially set in? Our senior class has officially completed 7 out of 8 semesters of high school, worked as hard as they could, and sent all their scores to college. As we come up to the last semester, seniors will either continue their hard work, or they will check out and coast through the last few months here at the Madison High School. Madison Dodger Online spoke with two seniors (Loryn Camp and Peri Munter) recently to hear their plans for this next semester.


MDO: Do you know what your plans are for next year?

LC: Absolutely not, but I have heard from all my schools.

PM: Yeah I do. I’m going to American University and I applied Early Decision.


MDO: Do you think during this next semester you will have senioritis?

LC: Definitely, 100%.

PM: Yes.


MDO: When do you think most people (and when did you)  start to feel the effects of senioritis?

LC: As soon as I heard back from all my schools, because then I knew I was going somewhere and basic high school busy work had no purpose to me anymore.

PM: When I heard back I had two tests the next day and I didn’t study for either of them.  I think most people feel the same way after they hear back from their top school or all of their schools.


MDO: Do you think senioritis is a bad thing?

LC: I don’t think it’s a good thing, I think it is a well deserved thing. I’ve tried really hard throughout high school and now I’m just chilling and enjoying my senior spring.

PM: I think it depends on the person. For me, it helped me relaxed about grades that used to make me freak out if I didn’t have to. But, for people that are more relaxed about school already and senioritis might have a greater effect on them and their academic achievements.


Then MDO spoke to a retired teacher, Mrs. Occhiogrosso, who is now a sub about their thoughts on senioritis.


MDO: What are your thoughts on senioritis?

JO: In my day there wasn’t senioritis when I taught here. But it’s gotten a lot more intense. I think it’s because the pressure on students before hand is more intense. There wasn’t a lot of early action and early decision and people didn’t apply to so many schools.


MDO: Do you think senioritis is a bad thing?

JO: From a teacher’s point of view, when you have worked so hard to prep and get very little effort in the work back it’s frustrating.


While it may bother the teachers, senioritis is clearly unavoidable. Whether it’s because the second semester is about to begin, or because students already know where they are going, or at least that they have gotten in, senioritis has already begun and will most likely worsen in the next few months. It may make teaching frustrating, but it is well deserved for those that worked so hard and felt the pressure of high school, applying to college, and waiting for decisions. Good luck seniors Class of 2018 in your last semester!