20 Fun Things to do if You’re Single on Valentine’s Day


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As Valentine’s Day quickly approaches it is hard to walk by any store without seeing dozens of heart shaped chocolate boxes and stuffed animal bears reading “I love you beary much.” Although some gag at the very thought of Valentine’s Day, MDO has come up with a list of 20 fun things to do if you are single on Valentine’s Day,


  1. Plan something with your other single friends. Just because you don’t have a boyfriend/ girlfriend does not mean you have to spend Valentine’s day alone! Going out to a nice dinner or just relaxing at someone else’s place can be a great way to spend the day.
  2. Go shopping. Treating yourself to some gifts is great on Valentine’s Day. Going out shopping can be fun and rewarding, treat yourself!
  3. Watch movies. Watching movies with friends can be a great way to spend Valentine’s day!
  4. Have a spa day. Take care of yourself by pampering.
  5. Make great food. Have friends over and try new recipes!
  6. Go somewhere you have never been. Go to a place you have always wanted to visit but never have the time to go.
  7. Go on a hike. Going out and seeing nature can be a wonderfully grounding experience.
  8. Spend time with your parents. Hanging out with your mom or dad can be a great way to spend the day.
  9. Play with dogs. Dogs make everything better.
  10. Read a good book. Settle down on the couch with your favorite book and a warm cup of tea.
  11. Binge watch  your favorite Netflix show. The power of binge watching on netflix and unparalleled.
  12. Buy presents for all the important people in your life. Let your friends and family know how much you appreciate them.
  13. Organize your room/house/life. Making the space you live in more organized can improve your happiness and raise your quality of life.
  14. Try a new restaurant. Go out with friends and try a new restaurant, it might end up being one of your favorites!
  15. Do a fun DIY. Spruce up your home with a cute DIY that you have been wanting to try.
  16. Get exercise. Going for a run or walk and taking care of yourself always feels great. Doing it with friends is even better.
  17. Visit a loved one who is far away. Taking time to visit family or friends that you don’t see often is a great way to spend Valentine’s day.
  18. Make fun cards for your friends. Letting your friends know how much they mean to you feels wonderful.
  19. Do a Bob Ross video. Art is very therapeutic, especially with Bob Ross.
  20. Go to a concert. Find an artist that you like and go with friends!


MDO wishes everyone a happy Valentine’s Day!