Student Spotlight: Tanner Lauchnor

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Julia Prout

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Student Spotlight: Tanner Lauchnor

Tanner getting ready to fly.

Tanner getting ready to fly.

Tanner getting ready to fly.

Tanner getting ready to fly.

Most students spend the time after school playing sports, volunteering, working, doing homework, or watching tv, but what about flying airplanes? Senior Tanner Lauchnor (TL) is not one to shy away from an activity like this. Tanner has been working really hard for over four years, and earning his pilot license at the end of his junior year. Madison Dodger Online (MDO)

Is delighted to talk to Tanner about his history with flying.


(MDO): Who/What gave you the idea to start flying?

(TL): Big shoutout to grant sarrett he’s the reason I started flying. We used to play around with flight sim at his house after school in like 5th grade and then I got flight sim for my home and then I realized it was something I wanted to look into as a possible career


(MDO): What is the process that you went through? What did it entail?

(TL): The process that I went through was extremely different because I was so young and self motivated. I started taking lessons when I was 12 but I couldn’t fly by myself until I was 16 or get my license until I was 17 so I flew once every two months. By the time I got my license last June I had around 85 hours. People normally get their license around 50 so I had a lot more experience.


(MDO): Where did you study?

(TL): I learned to fly at Certified Flyers at Morristown airport. The place is very laid back, it’s technically a flight school but I never had to do the classroom component of the license because I studied some books at home. You can set your own pace when you want to come in and fly. It’s totally on your own free time


(MDO): How frequently do you fly?

(TL): Flying a plane is like riding a bike. Unless you take a significant time off (3+ months) you’ll always be able to come back and be able to land and takeoff without a problem. I fly every two weeks. Sometimes longer sometimes shorter depending on if I have a particular flight I want to do


(MDO): What goals do you have for flying airplanes?

(TL): I’m keeping my options open for the future. I don’t know whether I want to fly for the airlines or corporate. I know a lot of people in both industries so I should be fine either way. Whatever pays more honestly


(MDO): Did it have any kind of impact to the college you applied to?

(TL): It did have an impact on the college I applied to but not in the way you’d think. I wanted a college that wasn’t just for flying. If I’m going to be flying for a career I want to enjoy a normal life now and have a traditional college experience. Not being surrounded by flying 24/7. That’s why I chose purdue. It has one of the top flying programs in the country and is very well rounded. Its a perfect fit for me


(MDO): What advice would you give to people that want to learn how to fly planes?

(TL): My advice would be stick with it and stay committed even if it’s discouraging at times. It’s not something that you can just say “oh hey I want to go do that and it’ll be easy because I have enough money for flight lessons”. You truly need to be committed to getting your pilot’s license. It takes time outside of the flight school and commitment for the process to truly work. At first it may seem really difficult and almost impossible but stick with it, you’re required to have at least 40 hours before you get your license for a reason


MDO wishes Tanner the best for all of his aeronautical achievements!


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