Mr. Cecala’s Mad Talk: Round Two

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Julia Prout

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Mr. Cecala’s Mad Talk: Round Two

Similar to his first Mad Talk, History teacher and Madison alum, Mr. Cecala talked about some Madison history. Majority of the student body is not even sure what a dodger, with some saying it’s the spirit of a Madison athlete, and others saying that a dodger is a badger. The closes response was that the dodgers were named after a dog, however, it was not quite a dog.

Mr. Cecala first had to give some background about a major benefactor to the town of Madison, Geraldine R. Dodge. She was a phenomenal philanthropist and donated money for various buildings and parks, such as Dodge field. Mrs. Dodge was also a deep lover of German Shepherds, owning and training many of them for show. She even founded St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center to make sure that her dogs were trained and not harmed.

There are two different reasons why MHS is “the Dodgers”. The first is that since the football team used to play their home games on dodge field, they became nicknamed “the Dodgers” and it stuck, even after transferring to a different field. The other reason is that Mrs. Dodge named one of her German Shepherds after her family’s last name, Dodger, with the school being nicknamed after the dog. Mr. Cecala also presented an image of a German Shepherd, created by Ms. Bratton, that would be printed onto hats and sweatshirts.

If you would like to buy either the hat ($20) or the sweatshirt ($35), please contact Mr. Cecala or Mr. Coviello.

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