Calling All Performers

Brian Culligan and Whitney Xu performing at Glyphs Winter 2015 Coffeehouse

Brianna Brown

Brian Culligan and Whitney Xu performing at Glyphs Winter 2015 Coffeehouse

Glyphs- MHS’ literary arts publication- is in desperate need of musicians, poets, visual artists, comedians, dancers, etc. to perform at the upcoming coffeehouse this December 9th!

Glyphs coffeehouses are an integral part of the culture of Madison. A select number of Friday nights per year, students gather in either Short Stories or the library’s Chase Room to enjoy a look into their peers’ often hidden talents in a tranquil and supporting environment, surrounded by delicious baked goods and close friends.  Performers at Glyphs range across all ages, experience levels, and types of expression, so anyone with the desire to show off their abilities is encouraged to sign up. Even those who have never performed in public will find a Glyphs Coffeehouse the perfect opportunity to make their voice heard for the first time, as the audience is always very respectful, engaged, and appreciative of the nerve it takes to be on stage.

Coffeehouses feature a wide variety of performers. On any given night attendees might witness a singer-songwriter, slam poet, standup comedian, or string quartet. This diversity is deeply valued at Glyphs, as it is believed that all art forms deserve to be expressed to the student body. MHS students have a knack for creativity in their acts, so most any idea for a unique performance will be embraced by the Glyphs staff.

Signing up to perform is easy! Just find a Glyphs editor and express your interest, or email [email protected] stating your name, and type of act. If you aren’t sure whether this is the right environment to display your talents, feel free to observe the scheduled performance section of the coffeehouse, and then decide whether to take the stage for the “open mic” second half. The open mic portion of the night is full of unexpected talents and involves no commitment or obligation for those unsure of themselves.

Even if you have no talents suited for the coffeehouse stage, make sure to attend and be graced by all of the talent MHS has to offer. Specific dates and times will be announced as they are determined!