Thoughts On The Day Before Prom

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Thoughts On The Day Before Prom

Prom Ticket

Prom Ticket

Kaitlyn Strada

Prom Ticket

Kaitlyn Strada

Kaitlyn Strada

Prom Ticket

Today is the day before prom and girls are absolutely freaking out. Tomorrow, June 2, is the Senior Prom at the Crystal Plaza in Livingston, NJ. Plans have (hopefully) been made for the seniors and their friends to attend pre-proms before the big event, and everyone is beyond #blessed the weather is looking bright and sunny at reaching a high of 79 degrees tomorrow.

Thoughts of a senior on the day before prom.

Do I like my dress?

Well it’s too late now..


Wait, what shoes do I wear?

Better get on that..


What is a boutonniere?…ear??? what?


What is a cumber bun..

Why is something called that..


Should I carry a purse?

Like a tote??…


Do I like my prom date?



Where am I going before prom?

Someone! Anyone!


Should I eat anything during the day?

No.. I can’t with my dress.. Yes.. I should probably eat… healthy!


What should I insta caption?

“Prom2k16” #ohyeah


What if I don’t want to dance?

Who am I kidding, I love to dance.


How is it already June?

Bye bye highschool..


How much longer do we even have?



Please be safe, senior class, and enjoy your prom!!