Live From MHS it’s Faculty Night Live

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Julia Prout

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Live From MHS it’s Faculty Night Live

The stage awaiting Faculty Night Live.

The stage awaiting Faculty Night Live.

Julia Prout

The stage awaiting Faculty Night Live.

Julia Prout

Julia Prout

The stage awaiting Faculty Night Live.

The 2nd annual Faculty Night Live is hitting the Madison High School stage on Thursday, April 28th. The show features live acts and videos. These acts tend to be teacher run acts, such as two teachers singing together or one teacher doing stand up comedy. The entire night is light-hearted and goofy. The teachers and student council works very hard to make sure that the night is a wonderful time. Madison Dodger Online (MDO) sat down with the two hosts for the night, Mr. Bernich (SB)  and Mr. Cecala (JC).


(MDO): What acts are performing?

SB: I have no idea what acts are performing.  Honestly, none.  I know we’re going to do Weekend Update and Guess the Singer Behind the Curtain or whatever you call that…   I’ve heard rumors that Cecala is going to do his famous “Mime in a Delicatessen at Midnight” routine… but that’s about it.

JC: I am not 100% sure of the acts yet. But Bernich and I will be there so what else could you really need?


(MDO): What was your favorite part of Faculty Night Live last year?

SB: Favorite part of last year’s FNL?  When it ended.  What a relief.

JC: The ask the audience segment. Especially when Emma Schuszler was unable to identify who the principal and vp were.


(MDO): What are you looking forward to this year?

SB: I imagine I’m looking forward to being done with it again this year as well.  I think I like the idea of “having done FNL” than actually “doing FNL”.

JC: Hosting with Bernich again. We had a blast last year so I’m looking forward to it.


(MDO): How did you become the host/emcee of Faculty Night Live?

SB: Hosting.  I was “impressed” into it.  (yeah, that’s a history reference, never mind).  My hosting was a mistake.  I was out for a walk that night and wandered in.  All of a sudden I was on stage and someone turned on the spotlight.  Which barely worked, by the way.  Nick Lami did a bang up job with the lighting.  Maybe this year we can empty out the monkey cage at some local community zoo and let them have at it.

JC: I’m not sure if being asked to host was a compliment or if the people in charge just knew we were the two biggest goofballs in the building.


(MDO): Why should people come?

SB: Why should people come?  Did you not just read my answer regarding the monkeys doing the lighting?  Well, if that’s not good enough, all the proceeds go to the 4 classes at MHS.  And I mean… some of those classes are BROKE.  At this rate their senior prom is going to be at Denny’s.  (Mr. Bernich looks at the sophomores).  So there’s that.  Although, to be honest, I’d love to see the sophomores have their prom at Denny’s in two years.  That’d be awesome.

JC: People should come because it’s an opportunity to see your teachers in a way you usually do not get to see them. We have a really talented and really funny staff and FNL is their chance to show that. Plus there will be some audience participation required so we need a good crowd.


(MDO): Any comments or questions?

SB: Comments or questions?  I think it’s funny that not one single soul recorded ANY of FNL last year.  It’s like it never really existed.  it’s a myth.  a legend.  Maybe someone will get on that ball this year.  Speaking of getting on the ball, I imagine we should come up with things to say.  I mean, I’m ok going up there and just improving on whatever… but Cecala…  man.  Talk about tough to work with.  What a primadonna.  “Does this shirt look good?  How’s my makeup?  Where should I stand?  I said green M&Ms ONLY!””…  I mean, honestly, he’s tough to work with, but you’d never know it.


Special Thanks to everyone involved in Faculty Night Live!

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