Glyphs Coffeehouse

MDO's own Brian and Whitney performing at Glyphs' December Coffee House

Kathryn McManus

MDO's own Brian and Whitney performing at Glyphs' December Coffee House

The February Glyphs Coffeehouse is set for February 26th from 7:00pm-9:30pm at the Madison Public Library in the Chase Room. It is one of the last coffeehouses this year, and it is not to be missed! Admission is $5 a person for a night of music, poetry, food, and friends.

This coffeehouse will feature a number of musical performances by students, many of which will can be seen onstage next month in MHS’s production of The Little Mermaid. There will also be a number of poetry readings. Students are all encouraged to sign up to perform or to bring food. To sign up, students should go to the sign-up genius page:

Money earned from the coffeehouse will go into the production of this year’s Glyphs Literary Arts Magazine. The annual magazine is composed of student work including poetry, short stories, photographs, and art. The magazine has a special feature on contest winners, such as the winner of the short story contest, senior Chris Rosica.

There are also two upcoming contests hosted by Glyphs; this spring there will be both an art contest and a poetry contest as a way to solicit as many submissions before the final magazine is put together. The winners of each contest will be featured in the magazine. Both contests will be open to all MHS students. The deadlines for each contest are undecided at the moment, but the deadline for the art contest will likely be in March and the deadline for the poetry contest will likely be in April. Glyphs editors encourage everyone to submit contest entries.

Weekly Glyphs meetings, where students can discuss and vote different literary and art submissions, take place on Thursdays from 7:30pm-8:30pm. All MHS students are encouraged to join the Glyphs 2016 Facebook group for more details on meetings and other events happening within Glyphs. See you at the coffeehouse!