Friendship and High School and some Vinyl too


Libby Johnson

Friendship, friendship, it's a perfect blendship.

Georgia Turvey and Tyler Simeone

Four years after freshman year and we all have a lot to evaluate. Like what you ask? Friendship. Friendship is what we need to evaluate. Which friendship in particular? Tyler and Georgia’s. Would you look at that? We’re speaking in the third person. So many rhetorical questions.

Tyler and Georgia met in middle school, although it should be noted that Tyler can’t remember any of this. Most noteworthy was the time Georgia helped to break someone’s heart in order to get Tyler a girlfriend (Shira).

Fast forward a few years. Tyler and Georgia bonded over nights of Apples to Apples and arson. From here, their friendship continued to blossom.

They shared suffering and blankets.

The height of their friendship was when they celebrated Georgia’s birthday with a family trip to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.

What can we learn about this friendship?

It is not that friendship sounds like a French ship. It’s that friendship saves friends.

In high school, you have to have friends. High school without friends is lonely and sad, and not just because you won’t have anyone to sit with at lunch or annoy during class, but because you need a support system that isn’t made up of just your parents. You need someone to rant to when you have big assignments or tough teachers. You need someone to steal homework assignments from when you totally forgot about them. And who are you going to lunch with when you get senior privilege? Your friends, that’s who.

That’s why friendship is way cool. You can’t do high school alone, it will turn you into a ball of stress and sadness. But having friends will make it easier, because two balls of stress and sadness are always better than one.

To celebrate our glorious friendship, we’ve compiled an album of very cohesive songs that we definitely wrote ourselves:

  • Molly Brannigan – John McCormack
  • Lovin’ Touchin’ Squeezin’ – Journey
  • Obsession – Aventura
  • Walk like a Man – The Four Seasons
  • Jesus Called me on my Cellphone – Altar Boys
  • Neillí – Seán Ó Sé
  • To Love Somebody – Nina Simone
  • Your Protector – Fleet Foxes
  • Rainbow High – Evita