The Upcoming Weeks at MHS


Fiona Kean

MHS students in the cafeteria.

Fiona Kean, Writer

Madison High School students have barely endured a full week of school since our Holiday Recess. It is starting to look like MHS students will not have another break until Spring Break which starts April 3rd and ends April 12th. Students will have to survive about 5 full weeks of school until Spring Break.

In these upcoming weeks MHS students will take the PARCC exams and the Spring Musical will be performed.

I asked students how they feel about the upcoming weeks:

MDO: How are you preparing for the long period of school with no breaks?

Isabel Brownlee: Trying not to think about it

Chelsea Catlin: Retail therapy!

MDO: Are you excited for the Spring Musical?

Cara Smith: Yes! it sounds interesting.

MDO: How do you feel about the PARCC exams?

Santiago Bohorquez: I took it last year as practice and it is really difficult therefore I am not excited.

Best of luck to all MHS students in enduring this next month. Help pass the time by reading MDO, updated daily.