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Shira Buchsbaum

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Shira Buchsbaum, Editor-in-Chief

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The MHS Varsity Hockey mascot has passed away as of 7:55 this morning, according to Ryan Carson’s Twitter and confirmed by MHS Hockey players Harrison Meyer and Jake Nittolo. Cause of death is attributed shock and illness. Funeral plans are in the works, though a date is undecided. Harrison Meyer commented, “We want to give him a Viking funeral. Though maybe we’ll bury him in Mr. Cecala’s room.”

Nittolo was in care of Nibbles when the latter passed and is very upset by the matter. “I played with him all the time,” Nittolo claimed, “I think he was tired.”

Hamsters hail from tropical climates and the combination of cool New Jersey weather as well as moving from house to house likely wore the hamster out. He passed peacefully in his sleep this past weekend. Just days before, he was paraded in front of a proud student body at the First Annual Winter Pep Rally.

“I’m actually really sad,” Meyer commented, “This is a sad day to be a Dodger.”

MDO will update funeral plans accordingly. RIP Nibbles.

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