Survey: If you were to get a tattoo, what would it be and why?

Will Wraith

What would you tattoo?

Will Wraith, Writer

It’s a permanent decision. Sometimes made with calculation, other times made in the spur of the moment with little to no thought nor preparation before. Once you take the chance and go through with ‘inking’ yourself, a tattoo sticks for life (most of the time. There are painful and inconvenient methods of “removal”). For many, this form of body modification has serious meaning. It can tell a life story or keep a memory from fading. In pop culture, tattoos have seemingly taken over, with a majority of famous athletes and musicians tattooing themselves from head to toe.

This week, the Dodger surveyed MHS students with the question: “If you were to get a tattoo (or are planning to get one), what would (or will) it be and why?” Here are the results.

Dante Henry (Sophomore) – “A Phoenix on my back where the wings reach all the way to my forearms…to symbolize how I rose from all of my troubles.”

Monica Young (Senior) – “A Penrose triangle behind my ear and I want it because I think it looks really cool and tattoos are awesome.”

Vince Sapio (Senior) – “A cross tattooed on my ribs because that’s where it hurts the most”

Emma Stechschulte (Senior) – “If someone close to me were to pass away, I would consider getting their initials somewhere on my hand or wrist.”

Olivia Waresk (Senior) – “I would first get a quote in Sanskrit going down my spine. Then on my 18th birthday, I’m getting the quote “love always” from a postcard my aunt wrote to me before she passed. It will be in her handwriting and somewhere hidden probably.”

Tim Azzolini (Junior) – “Probably a phrase in a different language that someone would have to ask about if they were really interested, but it would be really small.”

Shira Buchsbaum (Senior) – “I would tattoo the Sh’ma, Judaism’s number one prayer, around my ear. The first words of the prayer are, ‘Hear, O Israel.'”

KerriAnne Murphy (Senior) – “A four-leaf clover behind my ear because my family is Irish and my sisters all want to get the same tattoo together.”

Alexa Antonelli (Senior) – “I am going to get an X on my wrist and my cousin is getting an O [on her wrist].”

Logan Cox (Senior) – “I would get an anchor on my upper left breast because I love the ocean.”

JP Schuenke (Freshman)- “It would be the patch of Bayer Leverkusen on my leg because it’s been my favorite soccer team since I was five and still living in Germany.”

Niels Newlin (Senior) – “Thor’s hammer on my back. It represents strength in Norse mythology which ties in with my Danish heritage.”

Sean Purnell (Junior) – “‘Pain Is My Strength’ in cursive on my chest and ‘EST. 1997’ on my forearm.”

Georgia Turvey (Senior) – “Probably just the word ‘faith’ on my wrist to remind me to hang in there.”

Tyler Simeone (Senior) – “I would get a portrait of Georgia Turvey on my chest. So when I look down, she’ll always be there.”

Emily Bolcar (Senior) – “If anything, I would get a white tattoo because those fade.”

Mike Noto (Junior) – “I wouldn’t get one just to get one but if I did, I would get soccer net pattern on my arms.”

Kat DiIonno – “I’d get a sunflower in between my shoulder blades because my dad always gets me sunflowers.”

Alex Bollington – “I want tattoos on my fingers. Maybe one on my neck. Skull patterns are cool.”

Jon Miller (Senior) – “It would be a Tree of Life with a Gaelic quote underneath it on my upper left chest as a tribute to my Irish heritage.”

Leave a comment  below and let us know if you have any tattoo ideas!