From GoPro’s to Lucky Charms

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From GoPro’s to Lucky Charms

Nikki Taylo

Hunter rain boots and iPhones are top gifts this holiday season.

Nikki Taylo, Writer

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The week before Holiday Break, a few friends and I strolled the hallways asking some of MHS’s students what they were asking for the holidays. You could imagine some of the bizarre answers coming from them. But the more we asked, the more answers became similar. So if you need some help on a Secret Santa or a present for your BFF, here are the top ten answers coming from your friends at MHS:

  1. Clothes
  2. Shoes (new Nikes or boots)
  3. Money
  4. iTunes Gift Card
  5. Headphones
  6. Gift cards to their favorite store
  7. Concert Tickets to their favorite singer or band
  8. GoPro Camera (a lot of people said this. This cool camera seems to be growing in popularity recently)
  9. Hunter Rain Boots
  10. iPhone 6

With this list you can splurge and get an iPhone 6 or play it safe and get a gift card. These gifts are pretty simple and would make almost everyone happy. If you’re looking for something a little more unique, here are a few other gifts MHS students (and even some faculty) said about what they want for the Holiday season:

  1. Mugs
  2. 2 weeks vacation
  3. A job
  4. Friends
  5. The satisfaction of being with family
  6. 10 pounds of lucky charm marshmallows
  7. To get into college

Although these gifts may be a bit harder to actually find, it’s still a very unique list if you’re looking for a challenge. Happy holiday’s MHS and happy shopping!

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