Nibbles McGillicuddy: Hockey Hamster

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Nibbles McGillicuddy: Hockey Hamster

Will Wraith

Nibbles in his new home.

Will Wraith, Writer

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It all started with a few words flippantly exchanged at a team lunch Saturday, that turned into a beautiful reality for the Madison hockey team and one special hamster.

“The hockey team was having lunch at the Finnerty’s house and someone started joking around that we should all chip in to buy a team hamster,” explained Senior Captain Harrison Meyer. “All of a sudden, people start bouncing ideas off of each other for names, where we should keep him.”

So, with the assistance of fellow Senior Captain Kyle Midlige and Junior Michael Gleason, Meyer went straight to the Madison Pet Shop on Main Street and purchased a furry friend to surprise players at Saturday’s JV game.

“Nibble McGillicuddy,” who players affectionately gave not only a first, but last name (a privilege few hamster or even dogs for that matter receive in their lifetimes), is currently staying with Meyer in a spare cage provided by Junior Sean Hurley. According to Meyer, some of the small house pet’s favorite activities include climbing or going underneath a rocky hideout inside his terrarium and watching hockey.

In a four to five day cycle, the animal will move from player to players’ house. This way each player who helped to pay for expenses (which include food, bedding material, etc.) gets to experience caring for the new mascot. McGillicuddy’s next stop is the Midlige household.

Though this initiative started as a joke, players and coaches alike insist that Nibbles has become a serious component of the team.

“Nibbles McGillicuddy is the spiritual center of Dodger Hockey,” Assistant Coach Joey Cecala expressed Wednesday. “His resiliency through his own hamster-like trials and tribulations are an inspiration to us all. As Nibbles refuses to quit on the hamster wheel, we refuse to quit on the ice.”

Sources confirm that Nibbles will be in attendance at most hockey games this season. A hamster-sized maroon sweater is in the works and has yet to be knitted to protect the rodent’s internal temperature at the cold rink.

“We have a good line-up this year,” Meyer concludes. “As long as Nibbles is out there supporting us, we’ll make him proud.”

You can follow Nibble’s every move from his instagram handle @nibblesmcgillicuddy.

Go Dodgers!