Amanda D’Addario Helps Girls Get Gorgeous


Libby Johnson

Amanda's blog

Libby Johnson, Writer

Amanda D’Addario recently started a beauty and fashion blog that has taken the school (or at least the female population) by storm. Her blog, entitled Get Gorgeous Girl, has everything from spring trends to what brushes to use while putting on makeup. I (MDO) decided to ask Amanda (AD) some questions about her blog.

MDO: What inspired you to do a fashion blog? Why now?

AD: I wanted to start a blog because I love to share the knowledge I have of beauty and style with my friends and they suggested I start a blog. A lot of girls ask me how I do my hair or where I got an outfit so I thought it would be cool to have a site that girls could go on to get advice. I wanted to create it now because I finally had the motivation to make it and post on it.

MDO: What are some comments you have gotten about it?

AD: I have gotten a lot of comments from a lot of other bloggers that tell me that I have great tips. Also girls randomly come up to me and ask me for advice and tell me they love my blog, which makes me happy! I’ve even had some people message me and ask me to do their hair and makeup for events.

MDO: Where did you learn the techniques you put on your blog and how do you come up with ideas?

AD: Since I was about eight-years-old I have always been interested and fascinated by fashion. Then I discovered makeup and what you can do with it. I started to watch hundreds of tutorials on YouTube and I read every fashion magazine’s beauty tips. I get my ideas from previous questions that girls ask me and I get a lot of ideas from friends. I’m also an artist and a lot of people don’t realize that makeup is an art! It’s a lot harder than it seems.

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