Summer Jobs

Ethan Tannen, writer

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With summer just around the corner, many students here at MHS are thinking about the soon to be carefree days of their vacation. Daydreaming will overpower education as students mentally plan out their summer. They will envision their upcoming vacations, trips to the pool, hanging out with friends. However, an aspect of summer that many high schoolers tend to neglect are summer jobs. This article will highlight some of the summer jobs that Madison has to offer as well as their positive and negative aspects.

In such a small town like Madison, getting a summer job as a teenager can be a challenge. The first thing you should consider when looking for a job is what you like. For example, every summer sophomore Will Wraith works as a counselor at a children’s summer camp. Working with kids is a passion of his. “It’s as if you’re not working, but you’re still making money,” he explained.


Sometimes it is not as easy to find a job that suits your personal likes. Well, manual labor is always needed somewhere. This style of work is popular in Madison, as many students here work as caddies or help around   with local gardens. You get paid in cash and its mindless, physical work, something many people enjoy. But laborious jobs like these are often inconsistent. Sophomore David Luttinger works as a caddy. He said, “You’re never sure when you’ll get out there. It stinks going to work and not getting paid.”


If you’re looking for a more consistent job, Madison has myriad of small restaurants and stores that need a helping hand. Try looking for the relatively new businesses. For example, Chipotle just opened up here in Madison. Other small restaurants include Bento Grill and the Nautilus.


Finding a summer job may sound like a formidable task, however, it’s not. Work is everywhere and you just need to search and find it. Let us know, will you be working this summer and why?

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