Glyphs Coffeehouse: Release Party

Lisa Jenkins, News Editor, Writer

This Saturday, June 1, from 7:30 PM to 9:30 PM, Glyphs will be hosting the final Coffeehouse of the year at the Madison Public Library Chase Room. For $5, students can listen to their peers perform music and recite poems and short stories.  For another $5, students can buy a copy of the 2012-2013 edition of Glyphs, which features works written by Madison High School students.

There’s going to be a lot of talent at the Coffeehouse this weekend. Any students interested in performing should contact Becca Johnson, Lisa Jenkins, or Ms. Bergen. Preference will be given to seniors, but underclassmen are welcome to participate.

Organizer Becca Johnson is enthusiastic about the people who will be performing on Saturday. So far, “veteran” performers like Liz Klein, Emily Mae Czachor, and Jesse Klein have signed up, as well as relative newcomers like Robert Keller, Abby Riley, and Jay Oh.

Glyphs members are very excited to be selling their magazine, and are proud of how it has turned out. Senior and Poetry Editor Grace Johnson-DeBaufre says, “I think that this is the best magazine we’ve had in the past four years. It looks really cool, and I think that we got a lot of really wonderful submissions this year.”

Becca Johnson thinks that this Coffeehouse will especially resonate with seniors. “I’m excited because it’s our senior year and because our class has been really involved in Glyphs. The Coffeehouse should be a nice close to the year.”

As the year winds down, seniors are getting ready for Prom, the Baccalaureate, and other events. This is the first time that a Coffeehouse attended by so many seniors has been held this late in the year, and it seems to fit in well with the other events occurring. Perhaps this trend will continue in subsequent years as yet another way for seniors to celebrate the talent their school and class have to offer.