Prama Problems

Celeste Post, A&E Editor

As June 6th draws near, Madison seniors and a handful of lucky underclassmen are scrambling to figure out last minute prom details such as hair, nails, dress fittings, limos and pictures. Some have a “whatever will happen, will happen’” attitude while others are frantically running around, pestering other groups about limo agencies, hair salons, and picture groups.

This resulting chaos is known as “prama” and it will not cease until the evening of June 6th when we will all convene for our senior prom, but how serious does prama get? For those of you who are arguing prama is not a problem, just keep reading.

Prama is all encompassing, and includes who you’re taking; do they get along with your group? What about tables? And limo groups? Is your limo big enough, or do you need more space? Who are you taking pictures with? But you promised that group since freshman year you would take pictures together.

Yes, it sounds petty, and stupid. And I’ll agree, it is, but right now it’s at the forefront of every senior’s mind, because let’s face it, prom is all we have. We don’t have a homecoming, or winter formal, or junior prom. We didn’t even have a pep rally or a bonfire this year! This is it, so why not make a big deal? Just keep one thing in mind, this is everyone’s prom. Let’s make it enjoyable for everyone. So from me to you, keep it classy MHS and keep your prama under control!


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