Staff Picks: Week of April 11th

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Every other weekend, MDO staff picks articles of interest to share with our readership. These articles range from serious political issues to updates on celebrity life and everything in between. We hope you enjoy these further readings!


Middle school children were silenced from singing the national anthem in NYC at the 9/11 memorial. The guards stopped them, saying they “needed a permit” and “it counted as a public demonstration” The teacher explained to the children “This is a place where you have to respect authority, even if you do not understand”.

Elections in Philadelphia have become quite heated, as there have been multiple shootings seemingly over the choice for a spot in the House of Representatives.

The missing 28 pages of the 9/11 report could hold information about Saudi Arabia’s involvement in the attacks.

Trump’s changing opinions on important issues are finally catching up with him, and his supporters are not happy.

Toby, a 1-year old English Sheeping Poodle jumped off a 150 foot cliff in Gooseberry Mesa, west of Zion National Park in Utah this Friday. He then landed and rolled down another 150 feet, where he remained until rescuers arrived. The dog Toby, was miraculously relatively unharmed.

The $10 bill will still have the face of Alexander Hamilton on the front because of the hype about Lin Manuel Miranda’s musical Hamilton, but the $20 will now be changed to include the face of Harriet Tubman.

Political candidates band together against President Obama in a push for a 9/11 victim’s bill.


Kelly Ripa is set to return to “Live with Kelly and Michael on tuesday. It is reported that Kelly has not spoken to Michael since the news broke that he would be leaving “Live with Kelly and Michael” for “Good Morning America”.

SNL just announced that they will be reducing their ad load in order to favor sponsored content in an attempt to attract a larger live audience. The ad load is being reduced to about 30%.


Crazy end to the NBA season. The warriors go for Record breaking win and The Kobe bryant retires.

In the wake of deflategate, Tom Brady will have a reinstated suspension.

Police Brutality

The family of Tamir Rice, the 12 year old boy who was fatally shot in 2014, is receiving $6 million from the city of Cleveland. Though the sum is a significant payment, the offending officer, Timothy Loehmann, is still not indicted, even though Tamir was unarmed and harmless. The family has stated that they will never receive real closure for the incident if the officer is not indicted.


Marine biologists have discovered a coral reef flourishing at the mouth of the Amazon river.  Its presence in these only partially saltwater and very muddy waters demonstrates that reefs are capable of forming in a wider range of environments than had been predicted.


The world’s largest gorilla may go extinct in the next decade.

A 16 year old boy in Sydney, Australia was charged for trying to obtain a gun and planning a terrorist attack.

US Treasury Harriet Tubman will replace Andrew Jackson on the new 20 dollar bill. The decision comes after years of backlash for not having a woman or black figure on any US bills.


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