2017-2018 Staff

Dominic Smith


Dominic Smith is a brand new member to the MDO Staff, and is a fresh faced young sophomore. Dom really doesn’t do much. But he has a quirky personality good enough for a five episode character on a sitcom that is funny, but ...

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Stuart Schaenen

Junior Editor-in-Chief

Stuart Schaenen is a Junior and is returning to the Madison Dodger Online for his second year.  He enjoys playing lacrosse and hanging out with his friends in his free time. Stuart took journalism at the School of NY Times this ...

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Michael Quinn

Co-Editor-in Chief

Michael Quinn is a senior and a second year staff member of MDO. Michael is a year-round track and cross country runner at MHS. In his free time, he enjoys listening to music, running, playing the bass, or reading. ...

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Michael Preston


Michael Preston is a sophomore at Madison High School and he’s excited to offer his ideas and opinions to Madison Dodger Online. This is Michael’s first year of Journalism, and despite the unfamiliar territory, he jumps right into ...

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Meera Parikh


Meera Parikh is a senior at Madison High School and this is her first time writing for Madison Dodger Online. In her free time, she likes to play piano, do crossword puzzles, and attempt to bake with her friends. Meera is exci...

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Peri Munter


Peri Munter is a senior and is joining the MDO staff for the first time in her senior year. When she isn’t fighting fake news with the other MDO writers, she enjoys singing with various choirs, participating in GSA (and the o...

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Madeleine McNamara


Madeleine McNamara is new to the Madison Dodger Online this year and is currently a sophomore at MHS. Madeleine joined MDO due to her interest in Journalism and to improve her writing skills.  Madeleine loves to read and write stories...

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Jaeger Lajewski


Jaeger Lajewski is a sophomore and a new member of Madison Dodger Online. Jaeger joined Madison Dodger Online in order to explore his interest in writing and develop his skills for a hope of possibly pursuing the passion in the fut...

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Sam Grobert


Sam Grobert is a Junior at MHS and this is her first year with MDO. In her free time Sam enjoys spending time with family and friends, volunteering, taking her dog for walks, and cooking. ...

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Zachary Greene


Zachary Greene is a senior and a new member to the Madison Dodger Online. He hopes to contribute positively to the MDO and wants to bring back the voice of reason. In his free time, he likes repairing/collecting various vintage relics of the p...

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Swarna Gowtham


Swarna Gowtham is a Junior at Madison High school, and this year will be her first year writing for MDO. When she can, Swarna likes to volunteer and perform community service, play the piano, read books, spend time with her dog ...

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Anastasia Elefante


Anastasia Elefante is a practiced Madison Dodger Online staff member and is one of the newspaper’s editors-in chief this year. Anastasia spends her free time giving swimming lessons at the YMCA and writing for her anonymous p...

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Loryn Camp


Loryn Camp is a senior at Madison High School, and this is her first year writing for Madison Dodger Online. Loryn plays softball in the spring, and in her free time works at J&M, a local garden store. She loves to spend time ...

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Natalie Azzolini


Natalie Azzolini is a new member of the MDO staff and is a senior this year. Natalie is the captain of the swim team, rides horses, and teaches swimming lessons at Sea OTT swimming. She loves her dog Jeter and loves to cook. Sh...

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