What’s Next For the Jets/Todd Bowles?

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Christopher Penev

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April 23, 2019
A photo I received of Todd Bowles, signed by himself.

A photo I received of Todd Bowles, signed by himself.

The Jets were silent this week, on their bye going into Week 12 of the 2018-19 season. Many discontent fans have unleashed their fury at the team after their last loss, 4th straight, to the Buffalo Bills last Sunday. I managed to snag some last second tickets with my brother that day, thinking this will be a blowout (for the Jets), and a blowout it was. The Bills were up by almost 30 at halftime and the fans were hysterical. The fans made their feelings clear that day, exclaiming, “No more Bowles! No more Bowles!” Sam Darnold, the Jets’s rookie quarterback, was out with a strained foot, however, that is no excuse for the embarrassing show of defense or play calling ability. The Jets struggled to cover the spread, and completely underestimated Bills quarterback, Josh Allen’s throwing ability. While Sam Darnold has shown off his pre-snap awareness that normally veterans routinely practice, giving the Jets a glimmer of hope this season, the Week 10 slaughter by the Bills just goes to show the administrative changes that are going to need to happen (ESPN).

On the other hand, the ownership of the Jets have made no comment or move to replace Bowles during the bye week. NFL Network had previously presumed any coaching change would happen during this last bye week, but the administration made no sudden moves. Players still stand by their coach when interviewed after the last game, such as defensive back, Morris Claiborne in his comment, “We didn’t come to play today, in no way. It’s one of the first times I can honestly say that someone came in and just whooped us. We kind of laid down to it. It’s very stressful. I’m at a loss myself,” (ESPN).

If the Jets do go with Bowles for the rest of the season, that wouldn’t necessarily affect them in a negative way because they’ll still be able to adjust to a new coaching system in the late spring of 2019 and summer training camp when they do fire him. I believe the Jets have no reason to feel like the rest of the season is over, whether they are mathematically eliminated or not. It can only benefit they’re young QB to experience other defensive schemes in their last six games of the season, and for their young defensive secondary, led by their sophomore safety Jamal Adams, to get as many game reps as possible. This is a vibrant team on the verge of excellency, with only some coaching errors and inexperience holding them back. So, given their current depth chart, and possibility of picking up free agent Le’veon Bell in the near future, the Jets could become the next Super Bowl contending team us fans have waited for, for a very long time.