Los Angeles Rams Success

Todd Gurley celebrating the win against the Packers
(Photo credits Jake Roth)

Todd Gurley celebrating the win against the Packers (Photo credits Jake Roth)

We are halfway through the NFL season, and the Los Angeles Rams have certainly put up a show this year, especially against many talented teams, the football team has a current record of 8-1 and are looking to have a great rest of the season.


For example, Miles Bird, a senior at MHS, mentions how their bracket has definitely been helping out the Rams this year. Bird believes that a lot of their games are against teams that do not serve as real competition. Even though this is mostly true, the Rams have also played some serious opponents and have faced a great number of challenges. Furthermore, the article “Here are 7 Takeaways From the First Half of the N.F.L. Season” by Bill Pennington, briefly describes the “Packers-Rams matchup, as it was expected to be the featured game of the day and it did not disappoint as both teams charged up and down the field for more than three hours” (Pennington). In addition to these ideas, Bird also mentions how Todd Gurley, the running back for the Rams, as well as Jared Goff, the quarterback for the Rams, have been playing very well, putting up a lot of points, consequently helping the offense in many ways.


Aidan Fetterly, a senior at MHS, explains how he also believes that the Rams have been playing extremely well this season. Fetterly mentions how the Rams have been playing well on both offense and defense, he states, “I think they have so many weapons that they are just impossible to cover on offense, [especially] when Goff plays well.” Fetterly goes on to say how the defense has so many game changers, like Aaron Donald and Marcus Peters, that just keep the other teams from breaking big plays and gaining momentum. Jack Hanson, a senior at MHS, builds on Fetterly’s argument by saying how Todd Gurley has been playing his absolute best football. Hanson states, “[Gurley] is definitely in the MVP discussion, and as a result, he is bringing the rest of the team up with him.” Hanson also mentions that it is important to give credit to the coaching staff for being able to find a successful system, and getting the players to execute the best way possible.


Finally, it is clearly seen that the Rams have been having a good season. So far, Jared Goff has had 2816 passing yards, and is number two, in the top five, with the most passing yards. Also, not only has Todd Gurley had over 800 rushing yards this season, but Gurley received NFC offensive player of the month. In addition, Aaron Donald has received the NFC defensive player of the month. In conclusion, the Los Angeles Rams have certainly been successful, and are headed for a great rest of the season, with a possible appearance in the Super Bowl.