Overcoming Obstacles at MHS and the Professional Level

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Gabriel Peralta

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April 23, 2019
Google Common License: Baker Mayfield scoring his first NFL touchdown

Google Common License: Baker Mayfield scoring his first NFL touchdown

Many people face difficulties during their lives. There is always something challenging that comes from every experience. When people overcome obstacles, they conquer things that have been holding them back in life, and they get over their problems.


For example, Aidan Fetterly, a senior at MHS, explains that something that has been pretty difficult, especially the last couple years, has been his experience with cross country and track, while having to deal with his hip injury. Fetterly mentions how he has been running with pain since the first weeks of practice freshman year, which made him miss a lot more races than he has ran. Fetterly states, ¨overcoming it, even though it is something that I still have to deal with today, has a lot to do with the support from the people around me. They have all pushed me to work harder and do all the little things I can and it motivates me to push through.¨ Fetterly indicates how a lot of people believe cross country and track are individual sports, but that anyone who has run before knows that the team behind you is everything. You would push through anything for them and they would do the same for you. He concludes by saying that there have definitely been times when he has felt like he was letting my team down, especially when he could not race through the pain, but the motivation to continue working every day and to push through, is everything, and that he owes it all to his coaches and teammates.


Ciara Hunt, a senior at MHS, explains how she has overcome something difficult in life, specifically, her father’s death. Hunt states, “I tried to stay positive and think that he would always be there for me.” Hunt also mentions how her mom kept her motivated since she needed the support, mostly because she was still very young and was struggling in school. She also mentions how she helped the family remain together and stable since it was difficult losing someone you loved, and not being able to see them again.


Problems arise in everyone’s lives. Even though many people believe that athletes have everything easy, many went through hard times before they got to where they are today, such as Baker Mayfield, the quarterback for the Cleveland Browns. His story is a reflection his persistence and hard work, to which he put into his career. Mayfield began his college football career as a walk-on for Texas Tech. There, he was able to develop certain skills, that caught the attention of many, including the coaches of Oklahoma University. Mayfield continued playing football for Texas Tech until he was transferred to Oklahoma University, one of the best football colleges in the United States. After many successful seasons for Oklahoma, winning several awards, such as the Heisman Trophy and the Maxwell Award, Mayfield decided to enter the 2018 NFL Draft. Mayfield was drafted by the Browns as the first overall pick of 2018. Being the first round pick and a quarterback comes with a lot of responsibility and pressure of succeeding, however, in his first game, not only did Mayfield lead Cleveland to a win, but it was their first win in around 635 days (Hoffman).