Spikeball: The Greatest Sport You Have Never Heard Of

(Spikeball net and ball: Photo credits Jett Tom)

(Spikeball net and ball: Photo credits Jett Tom)

Spikeball, or its original name roundnet, is a game played with two teams of two players involving a hula-hooped sized trampoline and a light, baseball-sized, rubber ball. Spikeball is somewhat of a cross between foursquare and the sport of volleyball. The game starts with one player serving the ball off the net to the opposing team. The opposing team will then have no more than 3 hits (like volleyball) to maneuver the ball back on to the net. There are no boundaries in the game, and play only stops when the ball hits the ground or fails to ricochet off the net in one bounce (double hit). In addition, if your team hits the rim of the net it will be an automatic point for the other team. Due to the fact that diving and falling is very common in the game, Spikeball is generally played on soft material such as the beach or on a turf field. It can be hard to visualize the game of Spikeball based off the rules alone, so below is an instructional video on Spikeball and highlights from some of the best rallies ever recorded.





Spikeball is a game that centers around attributes of quickness, agility, and awareness. Players that are good at these things will generally be very good at this game. However, probably the most critical characteristic of being a spikeball player is creativity. As stated in the video, players can incorporate every part of their body to hit the ball, from their feet to their heads. Often times the players that have the most creativity will be the hardest to defend, because they are so unpredictable. Changing the velocity with which the ball is hit and the angle are common tactics employed by good spikeball players to throw their opponents off. Since there are no boundaries in the game, the players and ball can move in any direction making the game that much more exciting to play and watch. The chemistry between teammates is also important, because players will have to unconsciously know the correct time to spike it or set it for their teammate. Furthermore, while it appears to be a simple game there is actually a lot of strategy that can be incorporated. If one teammate is a better spiker than the other, the two players will try to set themselves up so that that specific teammate can have the ball at the optimum time to spike.

My friends and I have been playing Spikeball for a couple years, and I can say that I personally love the game. For many people it seems slow and boring at first, but once people began to understand the game everything begins to speed up and it becomes more enjoyable. Spikeball is a growing game with more and more people playing every day. If you are interested in Spikeball you can purchase a set on Amazon that includes a playing net, 3 balls, a drawstring bag, and a rulebook for $60.