Not So Furry Friend Joins the Dodger Lacrosse Family


Will Wraith

Sharif the Scorpion in his new home.

Will Wraith, Writer

This past week, the Madison boy’s lacrosse team invested in a new team pet; an Asian Forest Scorpion. The baby arthropod, affectionately named “Sharif” by players, is currently staying with Senior attackman A.J. Schmitz.

“We had some money left over after buying new speakers together,” Schmitz explains. “$60 was just enough for us to get creative.”

Asian Forest scorpions originate from Southern Asian regions (India, Malaysia, etc.) The nocturnal creature which carries toxic venom in its tail can grow up to five inches in length. Though it’s diet consists mainly of crickets and mealworms in it’s adolescent phase, it can eventually gain the ability to prey on small mice as an adult.

Like Nibbles, Madison hockey’s late hamster, Sharif the Scorpion, will be passed around between seniors and varsity players throughout the season.

Senior Midfielder Ethan Tannen expresses that “a scorpion embodies the spirit of the team because it attacks with speed and precision.”

The setup for Sharif, which includes a terrarium, rock housing, and water dish, is in constant need of dampening with a spray water bottle. The temperature of the tank, optimal at 70-90 degrees, is also taken into consideration. On top of this, two heat lamps need their bulbs switched daily from regular daytime lights to purple night time lights.

Originally in the conversation for pet options were a Long-tailed Lizard, Bahaman Anole, Society Finch, and Zebra Finch.  Some mention was also made for a Hedgehog, but the spiny mammal was out of team price range.

According to Schmitz, some inquiry is being made to have the scorpion inside the high school on game days. The science department houses several animals this year including turtles, birds, and fish. It could make a temporary home for the lacrosse team’s new mascot.

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