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Nick Lami, Writer

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It seemed like destiny. They became a brotherhood and a bright light for a city that needed some hope. From worst to first, the Boston Red Sox’s made a comeback from last place last season to becoming World Champions. Whether you are a fan of the Red Sox’s or hate the team, all became a fan once the team was in the running for the title. The whole northeast seemed to be from Boston and just so happened to pick up an accent during the few days of the Series. Every night the world tuned in for the games and was not disappointed by a series that was continuously exciting.

By no means was the World Series handed to the Red Sox’s. The St. Louis Cardinals came in with one of the most dominant pitching staffs in the league and an offense that could not be stopped. The Cardinals walked into Fenway and felt from the first pitch they had no chance to win. The emotions of the Cardinals showed that Fenway had eaten them alive; in a way Fenway had consumed the emotions of all the players. Both teams played sloppy in the first two games, and many of games had calls that frequent baseball viewers had never seen before. The one hundred year old park was not quiet for a second. From calls being overturned or obstruction calls, this World Series left something to remember for everyone.

World Series MVP David Ortiz became the leader on a team that had so many inspirational men, many of whom will be forever remembered in the minds of youth ball players. The 5’8, 165-pound second baseman is an idol for all. Dustin Pedroia was once told he was too small to play major league ball, yet he finished the season with a batting average over 300 in 2013. Pedroia walked of the field every night with his jersey scarred with grass and dirt, which is exactly what fans wanted to see. That is a man who both entertains thousands and is not afraid to get dirty. Cody Ross, Mike Napoli, Jonny Gomes, and many other players shined on this team of stars.

Baseball is a sport like no other. It brings all walks of life together and brings tears to people’s eyes for reasons that sometimes cannot be explained. The Red Sox played the game the way it should be played. They fought behind a city that needed a hero.