Interview With Tennis Star: Ryan Mak

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Ryan Mak is a small but powerful asset to the Madison High School tennis team. Although only a freshman, Mak has proved his skill on the court. Madison Dodger Online (MDO) sat down with Ryan (RM) to discuss his contributions to the team and love for the sport.


MDO: Do you play for any other team or clinic other than Madison?

RM: No, but I plan to practice over the summer and participate in some tennis clinics. I also do clinics at Brooklake Country Club during the year.


MDO: How many years have you played tennis, and what motivated you to start playing?

RM: I have played since third grade, so for five years. My parents played tennis when I was younger and I was always intrigued in playing rackets sports.


MDO: How does tennis require teamwork if it is often one team member playing at a certain time?

RM: I often play doubles and in doubles you have a teammate so have good teamwork and supporting each other is important. Additionally the entire match is won as a team. Even if you win your match, you have to cheer on your teammates to get a win.


MDO: How was the tennis season overall?

RM: Overall the tennis season was successful. We had a good record, but we would have liked to go farther in the state tournament. My doubles partner, Campbell Johnson, and I had a very good season. We also had a good record together.


MDO: Do you plan to continue playing tennis in the future?

RM: I will definitely continue playing throughout high school. Whether or not I play in college will depend on if I am good enough so I am still not sure.


MDO: What do you hope for next year in your season?

RM: Next year I hope to win more matches and get even father in the county and state tournament.

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