Tragedy in Murder- Suicide in Kansas City

Maura Fennelly, Feature Editor

This past Saturday, a true tragedy took place in Kansas City when Jovan Belcher, a linebacker for the Chiefs, committed suicide in front of head coach Romeo Crennel and General Manager Scott Pioli at Arrowhead Stadium. Fifteen minutes prior to taking his own life, Belcher shot his 22 year-old girlfriend, Kasandra Perkins, in front of her mother and their 3 month old child, Zoey. Police have reported that Belcher was intoxicated when the scene unfolded. Belcher reportedly had another girlfriend besides Perkins, which sparked an argument between the couple. The Chiefs and the entire community of Kansas City is completely stunned by the tragedy, saying that Belcher was an easy-going, happy guy and never was in a bad mood.
The following day, Sunday December 1st, the Chiefs still took the field in their scheduled game against the Carolina Panthers, which was very controversial. First of all, Crennel having to witness one of his one players shoot himself is an extremely traumatic event and having him coach a game the next day is terrible. The players and coaches all needed some time to grieve after what happened. How could a team worry about a game of football when one of their friends and teammates just lost their life? Second of all, the Chiefs have a 2-10 record and the Panthers are 3-9. The game wouldn’t change either of the teams’ unsuccessful seasons. The game should have either been postponed or cancelled because it held no significance.
In addition to this controversy, Belcher also legally owned the two guns that were involved in the horrific murder- suicide. This raises the issue of the gun law in the country. Yes, the second amendment does give citizens the right to bear arms. But when events such as murder and suicide take place, we question whether or not it is right that anyone can own a weapon. It is clear that this was a terrible incident, but it may have been prevented if such easy access to guns was not available. Regardless of the decision to still play the game and controversy over gun laws, the events of Saturday, December 1st deserve proper mourning and respect.
The Kansas City Chiefs, the families involved, and the community are still in shock over what happened. The most upsetting part is that Belcher’s 3 month- old child is orphaned from her parents. The NFL has generously offered to donate $9,000 every month to help support the child. Many people have sent their respects to everyone affected  and involved in the tragedy.