Political Update


Jacquelyn Martin

Hillary laughing about her competition.

The race between the Republican and Democratic parties is coming to a close.  Recently, Hillary Clinton has changed her strategy is is trying to win over the suburban woman population of the United States, a very large group of people.  

Donald Trump is holding massive rallies while Hillary Clinton is spending her time at coffee shops and child care centers.  These two candidates have dramatically different strategies. This week, Clinton headlined many conversations in Virginia and Kentucky with a focus on kitchen table issues like backing universal pre- kindergarten, exhibiting a plan for affordable childcare and touting her position on equal pay for women.  The Clinton campaign hopes that targeting suburban voters with small tailored events will contrast well with Trump, who is much more comfortable exciting large crowds of people.  The suburban voter group is one that tilted towards Mitt Romney in 2012 and based off information from polls, is not excited about Clinton’s candidacy.  

At the Family Health Centers of Louisville, Hillary talked about affordable childcare spending, saying that, “no family should have to pay more than 10 percent of their income on childcare”.  She also said, “It is the most important job that any of us can do and we are making it really expensive and very difficult”.  Clinton is using the expensive childcare in the U.S. to try and win over the suburban voter population.  

Democrats have struggled in winning over white, suburban women in the recent years.  President Obama lost white women by 8 points and married women by 7 points in 2012.  But with Trump as the nominee for the Republican party, Clinton feels that her campaign can outperform Obama in those categories.

The battle between the Republican and Democratic parties is coming to a close, and we are all excited to see how it turns out!