Profanity On Live Television

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On Monday, two Fox News commentators were suspended for using excessive profanity while referencing Obama and the speech he gave on Sunday regarding terrorism.  Ralph Peters, a Fox News ¨Strategic Analyst¨ called President Obama ¨a total Pu— who does not want to hurt our enemies¨.  A few hours later Stacey Dash, a Fox contributor, said that President Obama ¨did not give a sh–¨ regarding Sunday nightś terrorism speech. Fox senior executive vice president Bill Shine apologized for his employees’ remarks about Obama and said that Fox does not condone of such language.  Stacey Dash made her mistake during a lunchtime talk show on Fox called “Outnumbered”.  Luckily, some of the profane word that she said was “bleeped” out, saving Fox News from some extra criticism.  Unfortunately for Ralph Peters, and Fox news, none of what he said was “bleeped” out and all the viewers of the news station got to hear him insult President Obama in the disrespectful way that he did.  

Both Peters and Dash have been suspended for two weeks, as of now.  While both Fox employees apologized for what they said, they both stated that they stand by the ¨sentiment¨ of their remarks, still trying to make their adversity to the current president very clear.  Stacey Dash tweeted “Consequences. Some of us have to pay them.  Gladly” showing her regret for her actions.  Stuart Varney, an anchor on the Fox Business network, got the chance to talk to Peters and ask for an apology.  Peters apparently apologized, but continued to go on to talk about defense and how the United States needs to take stronger military action against ISIS, clearly trying to defer attention from his blunder.  

This incident is just another example of Fox’s strict opposition to the democratic party, and really anyone who disagrees with their views.  Fox News has always been part of incidents such as this one that truly show how radical the republican based news station is.